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The Best Desserts Near Prince Conti Hotel in the French Quarter

The Best Desserts Near Prince Conti Hotel in the French Quarter
Photo courtesy of The Bombay Club on Facebook

New Orleans is the city of over-indulgence, known for its cocktails and rich Creole cuisine. It’s also a great place for desserts. Doberge cake, bananas Foster, pralines and snoballs are just a few confections that were invented or perfected in the Big Easy. Looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth? Here are a few essential spots in the French Quarter—start with dessert-caliber breakfast and end with hot buttered rum. Life is sweet.

Bombay Club (830 Conti St.)

Nightcap or dessert? A sweet cocktail such as Irish coffee, hot buttered rum or a grasshopper solves the age-old dilemma. There’s also fried pie, house-made ice cream and a dulce bar at this swanky live jazz club.

Café Conti (830 Conti St.)

Sweeten up breakfast with a nutella and banana, peaches and cream or chocolate and strawberry crepe, among other flavors. Sometimes there’s also a sweet French toast of the day at this elegant little café.

Sucre (622 Conti St.)

Pastry chef Tariq Hanna crafts every confection under the sun at this candy shop/restaurant, from macarons and artisanal chocolate to handmade vanilla marshmallows and cupcakes.

Café du Monde (800 Decatur St.)

It wouldn’t be a trip to New Orleans without a beignet (or three). Deep-fried and dusted with powdered sugar, they’re a little bit of heaven served with a cup of café au lait.

Croissant d’Or Patisserie (617 Ursulines Ave.)

This pretty, pastel coffee shop serves up house-made pastries, including almond croissants, fruit tarts, eclairs, crème brulee, tiramisu and specialty cakes.





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